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Thursday, 6 June 2019

The Science of Words: The Weapon Parents and Teachers Must Use

There are actually hundreds of suggestions for parents bringing up a child – a child who will never give up to achieve success.

Thousands of books and articles have been written about this virtue of perseverance. Hundreds of researches had been carried out - studying building ever-persevered leaders. However, most findings have left out the “science of words”.

Every man has days when things look bleak, when it’s hard to find the energy to keep going. Then, persevering determines our chances of success more than any other characteristics.

If you read about Nobel Prize winners, they all have different stories. But they share one thing in common.

They never give up.

A two-year scientific experiment may fizzle, and that scientist will be back in the lab the next morning, figuring out what he can learn from whatever went wrong.

I have a thousand words to say about my stepdad. He was intelligent and courageous. That says it all. He trained us with these two uncommon virtues.

When friends picked up fights with us but we avoided them and reported to him, he would scold, “Never run from a fight!” He would remind you, "you fight and I settle it, not I settle it and you then fight"
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In other words, he believed, since we had resolved to report our opponents, that meant we had resolved not to fight. Then, why reporting again? He believed reporting and settlement should come after a dispute.

I doubt if he actually wanted us to fight. He was tough though but never a bully type. But there’s a message he admired to pass, “never give up”, at least in his own way.

What a way, you say?

I left mum to my auntie’s at junior class three. After two years, something came up. It was an unforgettable misunderstanding between me and auntie’s family. There was nothing I was capable of rather than leaving her house.

I got back to mum to report this heart-bordering encounter. She felt equally offended. But stepdad stepped in with his courage and intelligence.

He advised me to go back to my aunt. The poor man said, "Tolani you're intelligent but you will do better if you don’t naked your intelligence". “Where do you learn to quit?” He asked.

It was a statement of truth I never forget.

I reluctantly went back with the decision to bring to reality what he finally asked me. He said, "How will you have confidence in future to go back to your aunt, when God has blessed your efforts, when you had become successful - if you choose to run away with fear now?"

Step dad’s gone but was remembered the day I packed my car in front of my Auntie’s house. Just as it came back to my memory, she could also remember the day I nearly packed out of her house.

When parents empower their children with science of words, it may become a more needed tool in life than the science of Physics, Chemistry and Biology – put together.

In my studies, profession and business, one thing people know me well for is, "I don’t run away from fights." I don't quit!

Of course, with what Auntie did, any parent might want his or her child out of such mess by encouraging packing. But stepdad stood to teach me a lesson of intelligence and courage - Don’t run from a fight, stay until you can prove them wrong.

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