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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Cowards Run From Fights of Life: The Lesson of Life of Perseverance

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My story relates to countless other situations in our lives, especially at early ages.

I’ve heard friends telling me I couldn’t be better than they were. In fact, some believed I couldn’t be anything because of my background. Does it really matter their opinions about me, about my life or the Promised Land? What matters is me and me only.

When these kinds of situations arise, they instead of discouraging me, set me moving. I get determined to prove them wrong because I know very well they’re wrong.

The only person who can stop you from achieving is yourself.

I especially like people saying I can’t do or achieve something. I like them because they help me to be more focused and willing to prove them wrong anytime sooner.

Parents and guardians are the main part of the journey. It’s actually impossible especially at early ages to avoid parents - bad or good. It would have been a good choice if we could.

Our parents may be poor and it’s not abnormal for them to admit that and choose to help us some other ways.

Words are free - at least in term of money. It’s, therefore, shouldn’t be difficult for parents to utter good and powerful words of intelligence and encouragement as these may be the best gift and education they can ever give to us. What can a child quote his parents for?

Finding Elsewhere! Mum’s lesson.

Not only for the parents but for children themselves, we must learn to support, encourage and discipline a child to find help elsewhere especially when the going gets tough.

This explains further what perseverance is. It’s part of the science of words. It’s another way to remind a child never to give up.

My parents’ approach can easily be misinterpreted as being harsh and cruel, parents who have a long-term motive of imparting knowledge of perseverance, endurance and dedication into a child will need to turn deaf ears to such criticism and misjudgment.
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Many people have grown up and at one point utilised the hidden messages, knowledge and lessons parents had passed on to them before they realised their parents were seriously planning and building their future. But at the early ages, children can easily misinterpret efforts made to get them on the rails of life.

There’s a question I always ask when it gets blocked, when it seems it's difficult to get. “Is there anywhere else?” I learnt very early in life that there will be a place to get that thing you don’t already get.

My early days in secondary school were full of strikes. The government here wouldn’t meet the teachers' demands. Hence, we stayed home waiting for them to decide our fates.

I love mum for this - if you can’t get it in school, get it at extra lessons. She would ask you to look for lessons around.

As at that time, there was only one extra lesson in my town and when that wasn’t opened, no elsewhere. Mum knew this but she would insist, "Look elsewhere".

Then, I was forced to go out of town. With a thorough search within the nearest town, I got a lesson class to finally attend. I was forced to learn to look elsewhere and it paid back in many ways.

Stepdad was fiercer in his own approach.

When he sent you on errands, his well-known command was, "don’t come back till you get it" That was tough, but a lesson - never quit.

If you didn’t get what you're sent and you gave in to report back to him, he would tell you, "don’t tell me you didn’t get it through the whole town” Then you're sent back.

He was a smoker. He once sent me to get his favorite stick but I couldn’t get it at any of the nearest shops where I had hope. I moved from one shop to another till I was nearly out of town. When I finally got it, I realised I wasn’t putting on clothes good enough for such a distance from home.

Today, ask me to solve a problem, I would not let you go until I find a solution to it myself or elsewhere. I don’t quit on myself or on you. There must be elsewhere!

Whether they aware of it or not, stepdad and mum had passed a lesson “never get tired in search for greatness”. Be persevered and committed to whatever you aim to achieve.

My parents knew there would be lots of challenges around us that we might be discouraged to move on in the targeted directions. One of such challenges is the lack of adequate social and educational facilities. Does any of these sound familiar? No regular light or no light at all, no library, no money to buy books and other needed stuff for school etc.

It is part of your journey in our world. Then, don’t fall to it. Move on and have this at the very back of your mind, “there is always somewhere else”.

This position should answer other related questions on your way. Is there any other way? Is there any other choice? Is there any other place? Is there any other person? Is there any other help? Then make concerted efforts to get answers to your questions.

What is certain is there’s an answer to any of these questions whether you’re aware of it or not.

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