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P-YES Application: Who Can Be Your Guarantors

After completing the registration, every applicant must download, print and fill the guarantor form. Then, return to the page and upload the completed guarantor form. But who is best filled in for the guarantor in this case?

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Before we proceed, seeing the contents of the Guarantor form, you will notice that the information there is best meant for someone who has good knowledge of your characters. Not only that, the person should be ready to be held, in your place, in case of any atrocities or defaults while you in training or after being empowered by the government.

We should all agree, this can’t be just anybody. He or she must probably come from your family.

In this sense, who is suitable to be your guarantor?

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One of your parents can stand in for you as a guarantor.

You must have heard that parents may not be right for guarantors. Not in this case. They’re to me, the right people. But the clause is if they are not a community, political, office holders or religious leaders, they may not fit in.

Your parents should be ready to vouch for you and pay in case of monetary liability. After all, they’ll be held in place if you commit crimes.

If however, they are not holding any positions that grant them access to stamp (which is required on the form), look elsewhere.


Brother, Sister, Uncle and Aunt are equally people who take charge when things are not working as planned for us – in some cases.

If you’ll need someone to vouch and pay for your liabilities, kindly contact such families provided to fall to the class of community leader, political leader, office holders, religious leader etc.

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Bosses and Elders

Some bosses and elders are really ready to help us even better than our immediate families.

Imagine a pastor that has been searching for jobs for you for some years. What will it cost such a man to stand in as your guarantor in the case of P-YES?

They can be the right go-to in this case. And most importantly, these people usually hold stamps of offices.


What is important in your chase for the right guarantor should be “who can I run to if I must need help to settle liabilities of any type?”

The answer is your guarantor.


  1. but in the guarantor form they request for stamp and said that he/she must be a community leader, my brother ,aunts are not community leader and no stamp in this case what should i do?

    1. Have seen people who only uploaded a signed guarantor form only. Once, signed by the right person, it's ok.

  2. Who signs the undertaken part

  3. The guarantor's form is so confusing...

  4. please where will the guarantor sign on

  5. Pls can a teacher sign for guarantor form?

    1. Yes, if he is as well a community leader, religious leader or someone with official stamp


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