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P-YES Application: Next Stages After Online Registration?


Since this is the maiden year of the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (PYES), you will appreciate it if you have foreknowledge of what to expect after completing their registration for the scheme.

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But before that, here is a quick information on what P-YES is all about. This will help someone who has not registered yet.

P-YES is very much like Npower (especially the N-Build category). The aim is to train the successful applicants for specific vocations, ventures, businesses, professions etc. After such training, the beneficiaries will be empowered to start their own business or ventures. Hence, the beneficiaries should be able to employ and empower other youth under them within time.

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After Completing the Registration, What Next?  

Submit your form at P-YES office Abuja. Note that this only applies to those who obtained the application from their office. In other words, if you filled and submitted the form online, there’s no need to submit hard forms at their offices again.

In case you’re wondering, it’s possible to fill the form online or obtain it directly from their physical offices across the nation.

Note that the only office made available for now is the Abuja office. 

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Print Confirmation of Online Registration

In case you apply online, you’re to print the acknowledgment slips as evidence of your completed registration.

Keep your printout together with the guarantor form. You will need them when the final list is out. Subscribe to this blog to know when the final list is out for the successful applicants.

Download, Print and Fill the Guarantor Form

P-YES guarantor form is meant to acquire a witness for a beneficiary. The witness is expected to stand in for him/her in case of any default – damage of facilities, stealing etc (during the training or after).

The guarantor must fill in his/her information on the form, sign and append thump-print or organizational/post/official stamp.

Note that before you can finally submit your form online, the filled guarantor form must be duly filled, stamped, scanned and uploaded online. Until this is done, your online application is not completed.

You’re advised to print the guarantor form in colour. That will not only make your paper original, but it will also make it presentable to whoever will sign it.

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  1. i have been try to log in , but it dos't work what is happen now?

  2. Hi Usman. The website is temporarily congested. Kindly keep checking back so you can apply when things get normal. Thanks for your feedback

  3. Same here after typing the number it's unable to sign in
    I don't know what's happening

  4. Same here, i want to register but i was told to type tge number but it doesn't sign in
    I don't know what's happening. Thank you

  5. After filling the online form dere is a button for submit application, if click on it doesn't click... My question is is it till I upload my guarantor for before I will be able to submit the online form?

  6. Guarantors need to put I.D number too?

  7. please let me if thie p-yes recruitment if legit or fake


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