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2019 Npower Application: New Registration May Not Open Again - Here is Why.

Are you aware that Npower application form for the N-build category was promised would be opened sooner? I’ve covered the timelines in my previous posts.

However, with the look of things, we may have to wave goodbye to another Npower application before this year end.

Let's take a trip back the memory lane. The first Npower application was opened November, 2016. The second was equally opened the same month of 2017.

We’d hope, with this, that the 2018 intakes registration should be live in November. Npower support team did not only assure us of that, they were certain that the application will be opened to the N-build category that time.

Don't forget that the previous applications were opened to all categories including the Teach, Agro, Health, Tech and Build.

Whereas, the opening of the form by the promised date suffered a setback when they announced that they would have to postpone the registration until further notice.

Note however, that no specific date was announced. As a result, prospective applicants have been on the lookout and left opened in air since the link to apply was made available.

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Will Npower 2018 Application Open Again?

Not sure!

Even though the team announced they would open the registration, with the look of things, this may not happen again.

Why, you asked?

The federal government has just announced the launch of another scheme for unemployed Nigerian youth. The new scheme is called Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES).

The confusing aspect of this initiative is that, the goals are the duplicates of what N-build (of Npower) is all about.

The said P-YES is meant to train and empower youth across the 36 states for certain vocations and ventures. After such training, they will be empowered and monitored to the level that they can be able to employ or empower other youth under themselves.

Doesn’t that look so much like N-Build?

N-Build will produce the likes of mechanical engineers, electricians, builders etc and empower them to start their own ventures. This is exactly what P-YES will achieve at the end - all things being equal.

Having said that, it's my view that, since both are Federal schemes, N-build application may remain dished until further notice or next year.

What is your view on this? Drop it in the comment section below.

You can still read this guide on the application for the new P-YES programme.

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