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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Atiku Abubakar Loan/Grant/Scheme for All Nigerians: What You Must Know

I've got several calls and texts from people finding answers to one of the hottest questions right now, I think I must share this. People are asking and finding answers to:
  • Atiku Abubakar scholarships
  • Atiku Abubakar unemployed graduates grants
  • Is Atiku Grant Disbursement false or true?
  • What is the website for Atiku Abubakar grant
  • Is it true Atiku is giving grants
  • Atiku grant website
  • Atiku Abubakar campaign grant website
  • Atiku Abubakar loan
  • Atiku Abubakar foundation
  • and more. 
I think it’s high time I cleared the air on this latest development.

One of the pictures used for Atiku Abubakar loan/grant on social media
Are you also interested in applying for the so-called grant, loan or disbursement by the PDP presidential aspirant – Atiku Abubakar? The grant is said to be available online and all Nigerians can apply to collect millions of naira through the channels.

I have every evidence that such a claim that Atiku Abubakar has an online campaign grant or loan is a lie. Steer clear of such scams.

If you ask me why? I have the official explanations on this. Atiku campaign organization has warned Nigerians to avoid falling victims of such announcements that the presidential candidate is giving out loans to people if they apply online.

Is Atiku Loan/Grant Real or Fake (scam)?

See the real statements on this in the rest of the post.

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According to the Atiku Presidential Campaign Organization (APCO)

The APCO disclaims this scheme and any other in such manner. For the avoidance of doubt, the Presidential Campaign Organization is not in any way involved with the scheme or any other in such a manner and neither did it give a proxy authorization.

It also warned that,

The public is therefore put on notice to discountenance communication that did not emanate from any of these social media accounts and to refrain from participating in any online scheme that is aimed at defrauding innocent Nigerians, with the ulterior motive to embarrass the presidential campaign of Atiku Abubakar

Earlier this year, a message on whatsapp and similar social channels was being shared around inviting unsuspecting Nigerians to join a Telegram group and click on a link which will lead them to a google form containing some personal information and amount of grant being applied for.

Atiku Gave Loan Once But Not For Now

Having said that, the latest loan campaign was a scam, we need to know the the presidential aspirant once gave grassroots loan to some farmers in the norther states. But that was dated back to 2016.

This Tweet talked on the reality of the grassroots loan
Tweet on Atiku loan
This could be what most people misunderstood to be current grant. This is evident with some comments below the twit just recently.
People wanted to know how to apply for the loan 2 years after
People still asking how to apply in 2018

This was clearly a scam.

A report has it that, the scammers behind the fake campaign are asking unsuspecting applicants to contribute a certain amount of money and promise that their contributions will be multiplied in the higher fold for the proposed loan.

Please be informed that any updates you can’t find on the following social channels for the presidential aspirant campaigns are fake and should be discarded immediately.
  1. (Blog)
  2. (Facebook)
  3. (Twitter)
  4. (Instagram)

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