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15001+ Correct and Complete Official WAEC Centres and Numbers - Page 10

Below is the official list of WAEC centres in Nigeria and the assigned registration number for each.

In order to CHECK your WAEC result, you may need to use these numbers together with individual candidate's seat or serial number. For example, if your centre number is 4301102, to check your result, add your seat number e.g 035. Enter the number together to check result - making 4301102035.

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If you can't find your centre number here, check the next page until you find yours.

In order to safe time, you can use Ctrl+F in your keyboard or Find option your mobile device's browser to locate the name of the school directly and check the corresponding centre number.

Name and Address of the Centres/Centre Numbers
    1. The King’s Capital Academy, Umuahia 4011254
    2. Intellectual Giants Christian Academy Secondary School, Umuahia. 4011255
    4. Mgbarakuma Community Secondary School, Ubakala- Umuahia 4011257
    5. Secondary Technical School, Obegu 4011301
    6. Akanu Ngwa High School, Ugwunagbo 4011302
    7. Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ihie-Ukwu 4011303
    8. Comprehensive Secondary School, Oza Umuebukwu 4011304
    9. Little Friends Of Mary Secondary School, Osusu-Umelendu 4011305
    10. Umuaja Community Secondary School, Ebubengwa 4011306
    11. Umuaja Community Sec. School, Ebubengwa 4011307
    12. Pivot Secondary School, Asa-Nnetu, Ugwuwagbo 4011308
    13. Loretto Boys High School, Osusu, Umuelendu 4011309
    14. Alaiyi Community Senior Secondary School, Umugo 4011310
    15. King’s Unity Senior Secondary School, Osieke, Obegu, Ugwunagbo 4011311
    16. New World International Secondary School, Umule Oso Amadi Ugwunagbo 4011312
    17. Diamond High School, Ugwunagbo 4011313
    18. Skylimit Model Secondary School, Umuobidi 4011314
    19. Bright Star International Secondary School, Umuchenna Ugwunagbo 4011315
    20. Ngodo Girls’ Secondary School, Ngodo Isuochi 4011401
    21. Umuaku Secondary School, Isuochi 4011402
    22. Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuchieze 4011403
    23. Isuochi Secondary School, Isuochi 4011404
    24. Nneato Secondary School, Nneato 4011405
    25. Obinolu Secondary Technical School, Ngodo Isuochi 4011406
    26. Mbala Community Secondary School, Mbala Isuochi 4011407
    27. Immaculate Conception College, Lokpaukwu 4011408
    28. Methodist College, Nneochi 4011409
    29. Evangel Comprehensive Secondary School, Isuochi 4011410
    30. Lokpanta Secondary School, Lokpanta Umuchieze 4011411
    31. Mater Christi Academy, Ngodo Umunneochi 4011412
    32. Leru Secondary School, Umuchieze 4011413
    33. Queen Of Apostles Secondary Technical School, Obulo 4011414
    34. Prince Nnamdi Ekebuisi Royal Secondary School, Nkwoagu Isuochi 4011415
    35. Peace Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkwuagu Isuochi 4011416
    36. Parousia International Secondary School, Isuochi, Umunneochi 4011417
    37. Seat Of Wisdom Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkwoagu, Isuochi 4011418
    38. Lopez International Secondary School, Aba 4011501
    39. Divine Rhema Academy, Aba 4011502
    40. New Heaven Christian Academy, Umuakoli Rd, Ohabiam Aba 4011503
    41. Mainland Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba 4011504
    42. Madona Model Academy, Aba 4011505
    43. Ijeoma Standard Academy, Aba 4011506
    44. Providence Skills College, Aba 4011507
    45. Brainfield Secondary School, Aba 4011508
    46. Nizar Model Secondary School, Aba 4011509
    47. Abba Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba 4011510
    48. Divine Light Seminary Senior Secondary School, Aba 4011511
    49. Divine Step International Model Secondary School, Aba 4011512
    50. Adonai College, Aba 4011513

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